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Welcome to Well Woman Acupuncture, serving Boulder county since 2006. We are proud to be the only acupuncture and Chinese medicine clinic in the area solely devoted to women’s health and fertility. Our vision is to offer uncompromised knowledge and expertise in our field, unparalleled compassion towards our patients and a drive to always improve upon what we know. Because of this vision, our team is comprised of practitioners who have obtained the highest level of education in Oriental medicine and who hold advanced certification in reproductive medicine through the American Board of Reproductive Medicine.

Our Boulder Acupuncture Clinic Offers Treatment For the Following:

Directions to New Office:

As of 10/19/19 (see below for current location directions)

  • Take Foothills Pkwy/Diagonal Hwy north to 63rd St
  • Turn East/right on 63rd St.
  • Turn left on Lookout Rd
  • Turn right on Spine Rd
  • Turn left on Gunpark Dr.
  • Turn right into our  building complex (the first right you  can take after turning onto Spine Rd.)
  • Our building is the first to the right when you pull into the lot. 6610 Gunpark Drive
  • Our suite is located on the ground level,  down the short hall to the right. Suite 101

Directions to our current Boulder location on Manhattan Drive (effective until October 18th, 2019)

  • Take Foothills Pkwy/Hwy 36 to  South Boulder Rd/Table Mesa Exit
  • Go East on South Boulder Rd, then North on Manhattan Dr. (the Colorful Days Hotel is located at this corner).
  • Manhattan Plaza Offices are located on your left, immediately past the hotel.
  • Park on the South side of the building (the first drive after the hotel), OR on the street.
  • If you park in the lot on the South side of the building, enter the ground level door (you will see our sign, “Well Woman Acupuncture, Suite 106” on the exterior of the building by this door) and proceed down the hall to the garden level.
  • If you park in front of the building, enter through the main entrance at the front of the building and proceed down the main hall, past the mail boxes and down the stairs marked “Garden Level”.
  • Suite 106 is located on the garden level

Well Woman Acupuncture

We  Are Moving!
Effective October 19th, 2019 our new Booulder Location

6610 Gunpark Drive
Suite 101
Boulder, CO. 80301

Call: 303.499.1965

Hours of Operation

Monday: 9:00AM – 7:00PM
Tuesday: 9:00AM – 6:00PM
Wednesday: 10:00AM – 6:00PM
Thursday: 10:00AM – 7:00PM
Friday: 10:00AM – 6:00PM
Saturday: 9:00AM – 5:00PM

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I've been a client here for the past few months as I undergo fertility treatments at the recommendation of my doctor. I've seen both Rachel and Maren, both of them are fantastic. I appreciate that they keep track of how things are going and talk through how I'm feeling to help tailor my treatment. I was apprehensive having never done acupuncture before. It was a bit weird at first, but Rachel explained everything very carefully to me. I highly recommend them!
Jennifer Klein
04:36 19 Jan 21
I am forever grateful that I found not only acupuncture, but also for my acupuncturist, Rachel. I have been seeing Rachel for almost two months and have never felt this balanced before in my life. Rachel is helping me find a path to a happier and healthier me. She is helping me recover from my miscarriage and assisting me with my fertility journey. She is also helping me with my knee and TMJ issues. I can’t say enough great things about this place.
Alysa Spicer
16:06 15 Nov 20
Got a treatment from Julie Johnson and i would highly recommend her! She knows how to create a welcoming environment and great space to address issues that are going on. Her attention and understanding is deep, and her passion shows through her focus and precise care. Thank you for this first experience, i ll come back for sure!
Marion Miller
13:36 03 Feb 19
I went there because I joined to my Auntie in her business conference for 3 days and since I'm bored in the hotel room, I asked the staff in the hotel if there's any acupuncture clinic near in our place since I have regular session in Classical Herbs and Acupuncture at Miami FL, they are the best herbalist in Miami. then I found out this clinic. I was so feel at home and the staff was very polite even they are tired because of lots of inquiries from phone and walk in client like me. It's very recommendable! Thank you so much!
Gine Oquendo
05:39 04 Jan 19
I really enjoy seeing Julie for acupuncture sessions. I came in for some help with insomnia and am so happy to be seeing some results!
Michelle Stephens
18:24 05 Jul 18
I've been seeing Julie Johnson for several months, and wholeheartedly recommend her! I appreciate that she has a deep understanding of western medicine, and can use that information to inform her acupuncture treatments. The treatment I've received has been excellent, and leave me feeling calmer, healthier, and less anxious. I highly recommend Well Woman Acupuncture!
Stacy Tellinghuisen
16:41 21 Dec 17
I am so beyond thankful for my time with Kandace the past 2 years. I am so thankful that I walked into her door. The fertility journey can be very overwhelming, challenging, lonesome, tiring etc. and having someone like Kandace who is 100% vested in the journey with me has helped ease some of those harder moments. I had never received acupuncture before and still to this day Kandace has the patience for all my questions, helps talk me thru what we are doing each day and lets it truly be my own time but with such a sense of caring! I often wonder if I shouldn't be paying her to be my therapist as well! I know that we are doing everything we can to give me the best chance possible and I know she is there with me every single step of the way!! Blessed to have her on my "team"!!!
Joni Fournier
00:52 07 Dec 17
I’ve been having acupuncture from Kandace for several months for massive inflammations in my body and depression. The results are absolutely amazing. With hard work on both our parts I am doing incredibly well. I now have the flexibility to move without continuous pain. I came there in tears on my first visit and now each time I leave with a big smile on my face! I will always trust Kandace and her loving, caring skills to see me thru difficult times. I look forward to seeing her each visit because I know I will leave there feeling better than I did when I came in. If I could give her 10 stars I would! ❤️
Kathie Rafferty
19:26 06 Dec 17
I've been seeing Julie since April and wholeheartedly recommend her to friends who are looking for a skilled and empathetic acupuncturist. She asks detailed questions, makes great suggestions, possesses a wealth of knowledge, and the treatments I have received leave me feeling fantastic. I feel as if I have a trusted friend that is walking with me on my fertility journey and I can't recommend her enough!
Jodi Lillis
19:08 06 Dec 17
I highly recommend Well Woman Acupuncture.I have been a very satisfied client for over 2 years. After struggling with infertility, I was referred by my fertility doctor. Kandace has helped me before during and after a successful pregnancy. My daughter Lola Bloom was born happy and healthy 9 months ago! I continue to see Kandace on a regular basis as she supports me through the stresses of everyday life and motherhood. I recently started seeing Kim for massage therapy as well. She has brought balance and awareness to my life.
Lauren Hengstenberg
17:30 06 Dec 17
I have been seeing Julie since July and cannot express how happy I am working with her! She has helped immensely with menopause symptoms. She always asks lots of questions about how I am feeling and adjusts my treatments & herbs accordingly. She has brought me great relief! I highly recommend!
Amy Baxter
22:45 04 Dec 17
I have been nothing but 100% pleased with the service and care I have received from Kandace. I have seen great results from the service and will continue to see her, as needed. I would highly recommend Well Woman Acupuncture for any health needs!
Theda McDonald
00:48 29 Nov 17
I am so impressed with Kandace and Well Woman Acupuncture! Whatever she does is pure magic. I was anemic and having very heavy periods when I first came to see her. My ob-gyn was already talking about serious steps like ablation and hysterectomy(!). I decided it couldn't hurt to at least see if acupuncture could do anything - after all, I had used it nearly ten years before to help me get pregnant. Kandace is very thorough and you get the feeling that she really cares about taking care of you. In a matter of weeks, she had my periods back to normal and my anemia went away. Magic, I tell you! Plus, it's such a fabulous, relaxing atmosphere that it really feels like you are getting some much-needed self-care time during treatment. I can't recommend Well Woman Acupuncture enough!
Ruth Edwards
00:24 29 Nov 17
I am so grateful that my gynecologist recommended acupuncture at Well Woman Acupuncture after I ruptured a cyst. I was being treated alternatively in Chicago but had not found a great place for treatment in Colorado. Kandace was prompt in calling me back to secure an appointment and spent a nice amount of time on the phone with me initially. I have had a few sessions and am very pleased and grateful to have met Kandace! She is kind, patient, open and knowledgable. She is skilled at acupuncture and personalized a blend of herbs to address emotional and physical symptoms I can endure, which have been very healing. I am thrilled to have found a place I can trust and felt right at home from day one. For any woman looking for guidance and relief, I am sure you will find that this is the place for you as well!
Robyn Maitland
17:12 28 Nov 17
Kandace has been an absolute breath of fresh air to work with. After a miscarriage left me dealing with anxiety, depression, and a possible PCOS diagnosis, a counselor recommended acupuncture and I found Kandace. The very first appointment, I cried because she asked such thoughtful questions and made me feel like someone was actually trying to see me as a whole person, not just a single problem at a time. She is so confident in her practice that I couldn't help but feel 100% comfortable, even though this was my first time trying acupuncture. At every single visit, she is so friendly and welcoming and takes the time to talk about how you are feeling and is always thoughtful with her recommendations. After just a couple times seeing her, I was already seeing such a difference in my mood and cycle. Kandace comes alongside her patients as a true partner and is there with them every step of the way. I would absolutely recommend Well Women Acupuncture!
Alexa Carpenter
17:01 27 Nov 17
Have been going to Kandace for the last 3 years on a very regular basis. She makes me feel so much better and has helped with anxiety and stress. She listens, cares and is just a very knowledgeable acupuncturist. I highly recommend her! Julie in the practice is also terrific and I enjoy seeing either of these talented and nurturing women.
Beth Marbach
06:37 27 Nov 17
Well Woman Acupuncture has made my health and my well being improve. I began treatments for fertility and now, two pregnancies and eight years later I continue with Well Woman as my primary healthcare plan. I rarely get sick and I haven't had a flu shot in two years. I can avoid harsh Western medicines with regular acupuncture and herbs. Thank you, Dr. Kandace Cahill!!!!
Erica Bramlage
06:06 26 Nov 17
I have been seeing Julie since August and cannot express my appreciation for her and her care of me. She is always attentive and listens to how I am feeling and adjusts my treatments accordingly. She has brought me great relief. I would highly recommend!
Maureen Harvey
23:59 25 Nov 17
Kandace is exceptionally knowledgeable regarding infertility and women's issues in general. She is also sincerely kind, attentive and caring. Before beginning treatment with Kandace, my cycle had been all over the place for months, with a couple of anovulatory cycles mixed in as well. In my first month of treatment with Kandace, she has gotten my cycle back on track. She carefully listened to my lengthy fertility history and customized a treatment that worked perfectly to address my issues. Kandace has made me feel completely comfortable and well cared for throughout this first month of treatment. She has literally given me a sense of hope that I had not felt in months. I highly recommend Kandace and Well Woman Acupuncture to anyone struggling with infertility.
Nicole Short
18:44 25 Nov 17
I am BLOWN AWAY with Kandace and how she has helped me in 2 short weeks. I came to Kandace with severe PMDD and PCOS symptoms (major depression & anxiety, moodiness, irritability, uncontrollable anger spurts, uncomfortable amounts of water retention, slow digestion, freezing all the time - the works). I've been to doctors, and all they have done is prescribed depression and anxiety medication - I was on that path for 8 years, and felt numb and empty. I wanted to try a more natural approach and sought out acupuncturists. After reading that Kandace specializes in PMDD (as well as many other things), I decided to give it a shot, and I'm SO GLAD I did.2 acupuncture sessions in, and I can honestly say I feel better, after only 2 weeks! Kandace put together a wonderful packet of herbs she recommended for my symptoms, dietary suggestions, relaxation techniques - it was incredible how much time she spent on ME. I have more energy, not nearly as cold as I used to be (which is a BIG deal), much more regular and I haven't had to take my go to herb, ginger, for my almost constant past water retention issues in a week (and anyone who knows me knows this is also, a very big deal). She takes the time to get to know YOU. She cares about helping women, that is so super clear. If you're on the fence about seeing Kandace, take it from a woman who has felt misunderstood and "abnormal" all her life. Set the appointment. She's incredible, and I am so thankful I found her.
aubrey Montgomery
20:29 17 Nov 17
I started seeing Kandace after struggling with fertility issues. At that point, I was at a loss on how to proceed. Her care has been wonderful. She has had to pick me up at some really down points and I have appreciated her support through this entire process. The office is an open, safe, comfortable environment and I cannot recommend her enough.
Kristin Whittlesey
22:54 16 Nov 17
I cannot say enough amazing things about this place. Kandace and Well Woman Acupuncture has been so good to me during my fertility journey. The providers are very knowledgeable and strive to provide a holistic approach to healing. The office and overall environment is very relaxing. If you are looking to try acupuncture as an alternative healing method, I would highly encourage you to make an appointment with Well Woman Acupuncture, as I have seen some great changes in my body without the need for allopathic medical intervention.
Jacquie Sands
15:40 08 Feb 17
I am 38 and was diagnosed with Diminshed Ovarian Reserve. Thanks to Kandace my Resting Follicle Count went from 4 to 10 in six months! Which led to my pregnancy! I am elated and credit Kandace's wisdom and knowledge in getting me to my goal. I will be recommending her to anyone that has had fertility issues - going through IVF or IUI. #NeverGiveUp
Kristen Lloyd
22:03 01 Aug 16
Kandace is a very gifted acupuncturist. I went to her initially after reading her bio on her website and discovering that she specializes in treating PCOS which I have. Her education background is extensive and speaks to her incredible knowledge of women’s health and well-being. I started seeing her at 6 weeks pregnant knowing I needed all the support I could get to have a healthy full-term pregnancy. I saw her every week to ten days throughout my pregnancy. Every visit Kandace took time to talk to me and check-in with my body. Never once did I feel rushed like so many care providers make you feel these days. I could tell she was truly invested in making sure that my baby and I were healthy. She helped with all the pregnancy related symptoms like nausea, nose-bleeds, heartburn and body aches. Each time I would leave there feeling better and more supported than when I arrived. Any time I felt like I may be coming down with something she was there to give my body an extra boost. As the pregnancy was coming to an end, I knew that I had a big baby on board and that I did not want to be induced by my OB. At my request she helped me move things along naturally. I am happy to say that I went into labor naturally and had a successful VBAC. Kandace was there to provide support post-birth as well. Kandace is a truly compassionate practitioner and I highly recommend her!
Hope Leonard
03:29 09 Jun 16
Started seeing Kandace for some help with fertility. She has been amazing with not only her own personal experiences to help put me at ease but her treatments are amazing! I had never had acupuncture before and am now a very firm believer of what it can do for you! It has been a long process for me and Kandace has now become what I would consider family. I would highly recommend Well Woman Acupuncture!!!
Jessica Magruder
19:24 05 Jan 15
Our fertility journey lead us to Kandace Cahill. We were with another Acupuncture Physician who referred us to Well Woman Acupuncture when it became more obvious that I might need a specialist. The combination of acupuncture and herbs has made more of an impact on my menstrual cycle and symptoms than any other treatments I've had. I never knew what "normal" looked like until now and I am so very thankful for Kandace's care, attention and intuition. During our treatment time, she is careful to listen, is very thoughtful in the way she treats and will make the necessary adjustments to achieve the goal. She has great success rates in helping families (husband's too!) conceive - as you will see all the successful family photos in her lobby. So inspiring. But her services run the span of menstruation issues, fertility, pregnancy all the way to menopause. She is a gift to this community.
Melissa Johnson
16:50 18 Dec 14