Boulder Acupuncture


We practice a gentle form of TCM-style (Traditional Chinese Medicine) acupuncture, using minimal needles and a light touch. Each session is individual (as opposed to community-style acupuncture, where patients receive treatments in a communal space), with one-on-one attention from your practitioner.

Having acupuncture should not hurt. In fact, most of our patients rest deeply during treatment, saying it is the most relaxing hour of their week. It is your time to thoroughly rest and renew in an undisturbed, spa-like setting.

What is Acupuncture?

We then place hair-fine needles into specific points on the body that are chosen based on those findings. Our goal is to make things work again by restoring communication between your organs, your brain, and other tissues. Based on your case, we’ll recommend a series of acupuncture treatments to reach that goal as quickly as possible.

Acupuncture is legit. It’s a 2000+ year-old practice that helps heal everything. There are numerous studies out there that show how effective it is, from pain relief to cancer support. It works. We always say “To us, it’s Asian medicine. In Asia, it’s just medicine.” Acupuncture has been their primary form of healthcare for millennia. For us, we don’t need more proof than that.


We like to think of acupuncture as a system of communication with your body. We’ll begin that conversation with your first visit by doing a thorough intake and observing your tongue and pulse for signs of what’s “off” inside.

We then place tiny, hair-fine needles into specific points on the body that help restore communication between your organs, your brain, and other tissues to help correct the problem internally.

How many times you need to come in varies from person to person. Factors such as age, duration and intensity of the problem, and personal health goals all determine how many sessions you might need. Our job is to meet your goals, and we’ll recommend a treatment plan to help you reach them as quickly as possible.
It is. Think of it this way: it has been the primary form of healthcare for the majority of the world’s population for over 2000 years. There are numerous studies that demonstrate how effective it is, from pain relief to cancer support. It works. We always say “To us, it’s Asian medicine. In Asia, it’s just medicine.”
Supporting Modalities
Electro-Stimulation (E-Stim)

E-stim is a gentle, non-painful technique that involves connecting tiny electrodes to specific acupuncture needles. The purpose is to give constant vibration to the needles so that the surrounding point remains stimulated during treatment. We use e-stim in the four weeks leading up to fetal embryo transferduring labor preparationand for certain ovulatory disorders. E-stim is also widely used in the treatment of muscolo-skeletal pain.

Custom Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine works in conjunction with acupuncture to help you feel better faster. We like to think of them as the one-two punch. One is fine, but they’re more powerful together.

We have an in-house Chinese herb pharmacy made up of top-of-the-line tincture formulas that we custom-blend for you. The cost of herbs is an additional charge.


You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to enjoy the benefits of cupping. This technique has been around for thousands of years and is great at reducing stiffness, pain and inflammation. Cupping can be performed by itself, or during an acupuncture session.

Dietary Supplements

Dietary Supplements Let’s face it. Supplements can be powerful tools for internal change, especially when used with acupuncture and herbs. But they need to be right for you. We believe that less is more and that quality matters. So, we’ll evaluate any supplements you are currently on and see where you can pare back or make changes to support your goals. We don’t stock supplements in-house, so we’ll create a simplified list of high-quality products and send you a link for online ordering through FullScript. They’ll extend our professional discount to you and drop-ship items directly to your home.


Wondering how a hands-on service can be helpful via telemedicine? Well, when COVID struck, we were working with many patients who were suddenly without care and desperate for help. Knowing that our approach is about so much more than needles, many of these patients reached out for help with alternatives to acupuncture. We launched telemedicine visits in response to that demand and were surprised to learn how beneficial they found it to be!

During your telemedicine visit, we will do all of the following:

  • Comprehensive intake and evaluation
  • Herbal preparation drop-shipped to your home
  • Dietary supplement recommendations drop-shipped to your home
  • Instruction on self-acupressure techniques specific to your complaint
  • Instruction on self-moxibustion (for breech patients)
  • Development of an ongoing treatment plan with dietary and lifestyle recommendations to support your goals.
Lab Ordering & Evaluation

Knowing your hormone levels and other lab values is very helpful when we’re working on hormonal and reproductive issues. If you don’t have this bloodwork available, we can order them for you and evaluate the results at your next appointment.

We are credentialed for lab ordering with Boulder Community Health, Boulder Medical Center, LabCorp and Biotek.