COVID-19 UPDATE: Safer-At-Home Guidelines for In-Person Visits

COVID-19-UPDATE Safer At Home Guidelines for In Person Visits

Our offices are open for in-person visits during the COVID pandemic. For the health and safety of all patients and staff, we have stringent protection measures in place. Here is what we are doing to protect you:

  • Staggering all appointments to allow time to vent and clean all treatment rooms between patients. 
  • Staggering appointment times to limit patient interaction (our goal is NO INTERACTION between patients during checkout or check-in).
  • Reduced staff and clinic personnel. Our goal is to have you interact ONLY with your practitioner and one staff member at most. 
  • Providing tele-health visits for those patients who prefer zero-contact. 
  • Requiring wearing of masks by all patients
  • Performing symptom and temperature checks; continued screening for potential COVID exposure and quarantine measures via emailed screening questionnaires (required for entry). 
  • Rescheduling individuals who are ill, who have been in contact with ill members of household, or who have travelled by air within 14 days. Rescheduled appointments are contingent on meeting reentry protocols, including negative COVID tests. 
  • Maintaining social distancing except for when performing a treatment. 
  • Elimination of touch-screen payment systems. 
  • Removal of any repeat-use table systems (such as table heater, foam pad, etc.) Only single-use linens will be used.