COVID-19 UPDATE: Safer-At-Home Guidelines for In-Person Visits

It’s been a rough few weeks for everyone. This thing is shaking us up, globally and locally, and we’re all learning new ways to roll with the punches. As we prepare to reopen, we are certainly having to adapt much of what we do in the day to day.

Our reopen date is set for May 8th. The choice to do so has not been easy. We want to do it right, to be the safest we can be, while also figuring out the best timing, according to Colorado’s infection counts, recommendations from the Governor, and orders from the county. We also wanted to have ALL of the information from our regulating body on what precise measures to follow.

Based on this information, we are reopening with the utmost of care and caution. While we know that we are all still safer-at-home, we are taking all necessary steps to help serve our patients with in-person visits again. When you feel safe doing so, we want to assure you that we are following all guidelines as they apply to healthcare services, while still doing everything possible to maintain an oasis-like space for a nurturing experience. 

What we are doing to protect you:

  • Delaying our re-opening for 10 days beyond the official approved re-open for our industry so that we can procur all necessary supplies and implement required procedures. 
  • Continuing to provide tele-health visits for those who prefer reduced contact
  • Requiring wearing of masks by all patients
  • Performing symptom and temperature checks; continue screening for potential COVID exposure and quarantine measures
  • Barring entry to individuals who are ill or who have been in contact with ill members of household within 14 days
  • Maintaining social distancing except for when performing a treatment
  • Reducing our capacity by 50-60%: 
  • Limiting the number of people seen in a day (no more than 4-5 patients per day)
  • Limiting the number of patients allowed in the office at any given time. (Ideally, only 1 patient in the office at time; Maximum of 2 patients at a time and staggered start-times so there is no shared air space.)
  • Creating 15-30 minute buffers between sessions so that we may perform thorough disinfection in treatment room/waiting room.
  • Disabled online booking for in-person visits so that we maintain control of the above. 
  • Virtual waiting room: patients will text us to “check-in”, and will then be texted when it they are cleared to enter the office. 
  • Elimination of touch-screen payment systems. 
  • Removal of any repeat-use table systems (such as table heater, foam pad, etc.) Only single-use linens will be used. 

What we are doing to protect our staff and office:All of the above, plus:

  • Wearing medical grade masks and gloves
  • Continued practicing of strict personal hygiene
  • Limiting staff to practitioners only (until orders enter next phase)
  • Thorough disinfection of staff-use areas

We are so looking forward to seeing you again. We know that many of our patients are anxious to get back on track with their care plan. And we also know that many, many of you are experiencing stress related to the pandemic. If you’d like to talk about how we can help, just reach out. 
We’re here for you. 

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