PCOS, or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, is a complex endocrine disorder that affects women in their reproductive years and is a common cause of infertility. It is the most common reproductive endocrine disorder in the world. What most women don’t know is that PCOS can also cause issues that extend well past menopause, so preventive treatment and lifestyle adjustments are key for long-term health.

PCOS stems from disordered hormone signaling due to insulin resistance and inflammation. It can lead to infertility, causing issues such as anovulation, poor egg quality, luteal phase defect, implantation failure, increased risk of miscarriage, as well as pregnancy complications such as preeclampsia, gestational diabetes and preterm labor. PCOS can also cause unwanted symptoms such as acne, hair growth, depression, insomnia, irregular periods, and weight gain.

Contrary to common belief, PCOS does not just affect women who are overweight. Lean women are at an increasing risk of developing PCOS, due to inflammation stemming from environmental factors and mild insulin dysregulation. Unfortunately, because of the misconceptions about body size, PCOS is often undetected in lean women. They may remain undiagnosed and try to conceive for years without success.

Once diagnosed, PCOS women may find that Western medical intervention is necessary. Treatments can include:

  • Oral contraceptives (to regulate cycles, reduce acne, reduce hair growth/hair loss)
  • Metformin (to improve insulin sensitivity, reduce acne, reduce hair growth)
  • Fertility treatments (a wide array of options, including: medications to stimulate the ovaries with timed intercourse, injections to trigger ovulation, IUI, IVF)
  • Anti-depressants
At Well Woman Acupuncture,
We believe that acupuncture and Chinese medicine are indispensable in the treatment of PCOS. Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of women with PCOS take charge of their fertility and hormones. Whether used alone, or in conjunction Western medicine, TCM is a powerful tool that can increase your chances of conceiving or gaining control over your body again.


I’ve been a client here for the past few months as I undergo fertility treatments at the recommendation of my doctor. I’ve seen both Rachel and Maren, both of them are fantastic. I appreciate that they keep track of how things are going and talk through how I’m feeling to help tailor my treatment. I was apprehensive having never done acupuncture before. It was a bit weird at first, but Rachel explained everything very carefully to me. I highly recommend them!
I am forever grateful that I found not only acupuncture, but also for my acupuncturist, Rachel. I have been seeing Rachel for almost two months and have never felt this balanced before in my life. Rachel is helping me find a path to a happier and healthier me. She is helping me recover from my miscarriage and assisting me with my fertility journey. She is also helping me with my knee and TMJ issues. I can’t say enough great things about this place.
I saw Kandace to help with fertility, hormone balance and uterine lining while undergoing IVF treatment. The process is so clinical, that seeing Kandace in her inviting office was a such a welcome break. She took the time to really get to know me in depth as a whole person and every session was able to emotionally meet me where I was that day. Some days I arrived in tears after failed cycles, and sometimes elated with good news. She always seemed to know just what I needed that day to walk out of her office feeling better. Thanks to her help with acupuncture, supplementation and general advise on fertility and wellbeing, I had a successful IVF cycle and am now pregnant with twins. I cant thank her enough for her help and would highly recommend her to others!