How to Prepare:
  • Online booking is currently unavailable for new patients, so call us to schedule.
  • We will send emails with links for setting up your patient profile and filling out forms
  • Forms must be completed within 48 hours of your appointment. We want your first visit to be valuable, and familiarizing ourselves with your history ahead of time helps us be engaged and thorough.
  • A COVID-screening questionnaire will be sent via email 2 hours before your visit. This is required before each visit.
  • Please bring all related lab reports or imaging results with you to your appointment. This helps us get to know your case more thoroughly.
  • If you are recording your basal body temperature, bring your chart with you to each visit.
  • Do not arrive hungry! Always eat a light meal or snack before your appointments.
  • Planning ahead: when possible, schedule your session for a time when you don’t have to rush back into stress & demands. Avoid strenuous physical activity for two hours after your treatment.
Arriving at the Office:
Boulder Acupuncture Clinic
  • Come inside & wait in our waiting room. We sometimes don’t have a receptionist on staff, so you may not be greeted right away. Rest assured that we will be with you quickly.
  • Restrooms are located in the main foyer on the first level of the building.
  • We’ll take your temperature and usher you back to your treatment room
Longmont Acupuncture Clinic
  • A door code is necessary to enter our Longmont building. Please call us to get the code (we recommend storing it for future use).
  • Come inside and wait in the front sitting room. We do not have a receptionist at this location, so your practitioner will come get you when it is time for your session.
  • Restroom is located on the main level, through the doorway with the prayer flags.
  • Our treatment rooms are located upstairs and are not handicap-accessible. If you require handicap-accessible space, visit our Boulder office.
  • We’ll take your temperature and usher you into the treatment room.
During Your First Visit:

Length: 90-minutes

Intake: we spend 45 minutes talking with you in-depth, going over your health history and answering questions. This is our time to really get to know you.

Discussion: we briefly discuss your treatment plan so you know how we plan to move forward (we’ll send a comprehensive written plan to you afterwards)


  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing. If you do need to disrobe, you will be draped with sheets. Pillows and covers can be added for comfort. We’ll leave the room to give you privacy.
  • We will walk you through what we’re doing and tell you what to expect. Your comfort is our top priority, so we will take every step to make sure that you feel good every step of the way.
  • We use minimal needles with gentle technique. Needles are generally in place for 25-35 minutes. We will check on you during your session to make sure you are still comfortable.

Wrap-Up: in the last 10 minutes of your session, we will answer final questions, discuss post-care instructions and herbs, provide our contact information for any follow-up questions, and reschedule a follow-up appointment.

Follow-Up: Within 48 hours of your first visit, we will create a comprehensive treatment plan with educational handouts and upload these to your patient profile.

New Patient Forms
Forms are completed through our online booking system, so you can digitally complete all necessary paperwork, with no need to download, print or carry in piles of paper to your first visit.
How it works:
  • Call us to schedule your initial visit
  • Receive welcome email with link to create login credentials
  • Receive confirmation email with link to fill out forms
  • Use login credentials to access your profile to complete forms
Follow-Up Visits:
Follow-up acupuncture appointments are one hour long. During these appointments, you can expect the following:
  • A brief check-in on your symptoms and progress
  • Any revisions needed to your treatment plan, herbal formulas, etc
  • Your acupuncture treatment
  • Time to answer questions